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The 26th National Competition Competition local cultural guide
관리자  Date : 2011-06-28 13:31:41     Hit : 2657
The 26th National Competition Local Competition Code of Culture Guide

Contest divisions: the. Local cultural paper sector: history, folklore
(B) Local Cultural Resources Division: History, Folklore
Everything. Local cultural content sector (video) - documentary, fiction, UCC, etc.
Theme: Local history, folklore, traditional lifestyle, traditional culture, modern interpretation (content area)

Period: 2010 August 1 to 31
Head small announcement: September 2011 경

Eligibility: Eligibility - general public and students interested in local culture, can be two or more joint research, Ph.D. hakwija possible entries
Limited support - the grand prize winner of this competition

Organizer: Korea Federation of Culture

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National History Compilation Committee Content Agency, Korea

* For details, see the attachment